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Includes the award-winning KITTY HAWK documentary and hours more of great bonus videos!

• Kitty Hawk award-winning feature-length documentary.
• Kitty Hawk shorter 52-minute version of the documentary.
• Today's test pilots attempt to fly a replica 1902 glider.
• Eight most important "Machines of the Wright Brothers."
• "Letters from Kitty Hawk" by author Fred Howard.
• Additional Experts' Analysis by leading Wright scholars.
• Early Motion Pictures of the Wright Brothers in Flight.
Legendary astronauts John Glenn and Neil Armstrong portrayed the voices of Wilbur and Orville in Kitty Hawk. It proved to be the only time that the two most-famous American astronauts collaborated together on such a project. Armstrong and Glenn's inspiring voice performances of the Brothers' words was a fitting tribute from two of the greatest heroes of space to the historic pioneers of aviation.
Eleven of the world’s leading Wright experts contributed their insights and perspectives to this project. Never before has such a renowned group of Wright scholars and aeronautical historians been assembled in this manner.
Kitty Hawk was originally broadcast to millions of viewers in countries around the world and on PBS stations in the United States.
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