Actual movie footage of the Wright brothers in flight. Silent motion pictures filmed between 1908 and 1911 during the Wright brothers' triumphant years of exhibitions in Europe and in the United states:
Watch flight footage of a precise replica Wright brothers' 1902 glider built by Nick Engler and the Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company—flown by US Army, Navy, and Air Force test pilots and a hang glider pilot. They attempt to duplicate the Wright Brothers' stunning glides on the dunes of the Outer Banks of North Carolina:
Acclaimed Wright Brothers biographer Fred Howard introduces a series of beautifully-written (and sometimes illustrated by the Wrights) excerpts that Fred personally selected from hundreds of Orville and Wilbur’s surviving letters. Voice performances by John Hambrick and Nicholas Rork:
Additional insights about the Wright Brothers by many of the world's leading Wight scholars including James Tobin and Nick Engler:
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